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Dear Mom and Dad-
Please don’t assume I’m straight. Please don’t assume I’m everything I claim to be..
Because you taught me how to wear masks,
And now I wear them way too well,
I shouldn’t be afraid of who I am,
But I’m afraid I’ll burn in hell;

Because didn’t you say,
That Jesus hates homosexuals?
Please say Jesus won’t hate me-
For finding her body appealing.
Please say that you’ll still love me,
As I put a ring on her finger,
On our wedding day.

Her? You may be asking.


All those poems you read,
Where I wrote out in detail all the reasons why I loved him-
Well, it was simply a cover up.
I’ve known since the very beginning that I’m very different.
And please believe me-
I tried every thing to make the feelings go away,
I’d cry myself to sleep,
And split my veins late at night,
Trying to make myself believe-
I could burn these feelings out of me.
But I can’t.
That he isn’t a he.
It never was.
I just changed the pronoun,
So that I’d never lose your love.

But now, I’m sick of hiding-
Because I’ve found the one I’d die for.
She has lips soft as Rose petals,
And God, she has the most beautiful smile.
Her laugh takes me high,
She makes me so happy,
I can hardly breath.

I’m in love with this girl.

And I know won’t agree-
But don’t go on and shame me.
Why can’t you just be happy for me?
I’m finally HAPPY.

Please don’t hate me. Please don’t abandon me. I’m so sorry I’m this way-
God I’d change it if I could. Do you know how torn I am inside:
Knowing who I am,
Isn’t who you raised me to be?
It hurts.
I feel like I’ve let you down.
But I love her-
With all my being.
And honestly I wouldn’t change a thing.

Just know that I love you guys, okay?
I really do.
But it’s time I live my life for me,
And it’s going to be with her by my side.

I know you don’t understand and that’s okay,
But thanks for reading this anyway.

Your very scared, broken, but madly in love, Queer daughter.

Her (no more changing pronouns)
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